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Dream 1

warning: none
Effects: Urge to sing, sense of cheerfulness

Miku felt the music pounding in her head, flowing though her body, through her soul. It pulled at her hips and feet feet, and she danced across the air , her long, teal pigtails swinging out behind her. She opened her mouth and let her high, clear voice ring out in song. She felt so alive, she almost always did when she sang like this. As the last few notes of the song came out, she gently floated back down to the stage, the music's tempo slowing to a gentle halt.
"That's a wrap! All right Miku, you can come out now!"
"Ok, master!" She gave a wave and the night time city scape she was performing in faded back into data and binomial codes. Pleased that she was done with her latest PV, she stepped into the terminal and transferred out of the computer into her body in the real world.
"Great job, Miku! Another great song accomplished!" One of the scientists commented.
"Thanks! I will have to thank that new song writer." the digital diva replied, smiling and straightening out the glittery lavender dress she was wearing. In the other room, she could see her 'siblings' taking their break. The twins were playing a video game and occasionally arguing, Kaito had his face pressed up longingly against a frozen treats vending machine, and Meiko and Luka were discussing last night's episode of their favorite sitcom. Miku smiled, glad for these enjoyable normal moments. She walked into her dressing room and changed back into her usual attire. Her pudgy little doll like clone Hachune, who was sleeping in a basket nearby, woke up and scampered over, giving a 'Nya!' of greeting. Miku giggled and picked up her little friend. "Hi Hachune! Did you finish your video? I just finished mine." She pulled a leek out of the mini fridge and sat down and nibbled on her snack, enjoying its sweetly bitter flavor. Hachine was munching on hers as well, letting out high pitched little 'noms'. There was a knock at the door and one of the producers peeked in.
"Miku, we're all set for the next recording"
"Ok, I'll be there in a minute!" Miku replied, nodding with a smile. Days were often busy like this, but she didn't mind. After all, music is what she lived for.



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