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Hows My Driving?

This is this journals HMD post for Miku Hatsune!
How am I doing on roleplaying her? Put your comments here! Please no flames or anything too harsh!


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Jun. 10th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Kay. First of all. . .

I'm really bad at being gentle. So I'll try not to be too harsh or blunt or etc, but. . . I'm a blunt perfectionist. So. Uh. Yeah.

Anyway. I don't actually know much about Miku's "canon", but I figure it might be sort of hard to get her character down from the type of canon she has, so these are, I think, just some general characterization tips.

+ What sort of motives does she have? What inspires her to improve, what kind of things make it hard for her to get better at things? We haven't seen much hint of any "whys" for her, and it could really give her some more depth. You don't have to shout out the whys, but keeping them in mind can really help out, yes? =3 Right now she's just a bunch of traits strung together, which makes her seem a little. . .flat.

+ Miku's a friendly person, right? This is a good trait for building CR with other characters- don't just rely on plotting for everything, and don't just tag "the pretty/heroic/cute/characters you already like". Maybe try to have a goal to tag at least one new character every day or week in either/both the RPs you're in. If you don't know what she might say, just have her smile and give a quick nod (for action posts and stuff) or ask a none-nosy question.

+ One last thing I have is. . .your posts can be a little hard to tag, since a lot of them (e.g. the one with her show down against Zatsune) can be a little Miku-centric, as opposed to her opening up with other people. Maybe, instead of having her be "I'm alright though" have her be "Everyone okay?". I know we get a lot of those, but it seems more extroverted and a little less selfish.

So that's about it. Hope you find it useful and stuff. =3
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