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dream 02

effects: joyful fun, then eventually horror, possible costume change from a Vocaloid Halloween music video
warnings: Horror, demonic twins and blood

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Dream 1

warning: none
Effects: Urge to sing, sense of cheerfulness

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melody 01

[A pretty teen girl with super long blue green pigtails appears looking confused, a light robotic tone to her high voice]
Hm? What's going on exactly?
Could this be some kind of new program, or for a new PV? Yes, that must be it. But why hasn't Master said anything about it? Maybe it's a surprise? Hm, I'd better find out more about this place, and find the others.
[So she goes to explore, singing lightly to herself]


Player Information:

Name or Handle: Nati
LJ: amethyst_nat
Email: amethystdreamernat@gmail.com
AIM or MSN name: flowerydreamer
Any current characters here?: none
Would you like a protocol droid?: yes please
Character Information:

Character Name: Miku Hatsune
Age: 16
Canon: Vocaoid
Appearance: Miku has the appearance of a slender, average chested 16 year old girl. She has green eyes, cute face, and super long blue green hair, most of the time held in pigtails with black and pink hairbands. She wears a silver sleeveless collared shirt with blue green trimming, a blue green tie, short black pleated skirt with blue green trimming, long black boots, and black detached sleeves with blue green trimming. The sleeves and skirt have digital panels on them. She also wears custom black pink and green headphones, and blue green nail polish. There is 01 Vocaloid tattooed in red on her right shoulder.

Personality: Miku is a cute,bright, fun loving, bubbly girl, though often a bit naive. She loves to sing, and can sometimes be a bit random. She is very friendly, and loves to meet new people, and loves her friends and family, and acts as a caring sister. She also loves sweets, has an odd obsession with leeks. She likes singing, dancing, spending time with her friends and family, shopping, cooking, and role playing. While she's a generally forgiving girl and quite optimistic, she gets quite furious and terrifying when catching a guy (namely Len or Kaito) in a perverted act (such as panty raids in her room), though she loves to see Len in moe situations, she thinks it's adorable. Miku loves her fellow Vocaloids, and is very supportive of their sucess, though her status as the most popular has given her ego and vanity a bit of a boost. She also secretly sometimes dislikes some of her cousins and their antics, wishing it could go back to being just the original group. She usually keeps her negative emotions bottled inside, such as her jealousy or dislike.
The creators and fans did envision her to be a cute, bubbly girl, but her mind and personality developed over time, until it was almost real, like she was a real girl, just digital.
She knows she's not real, but doesn't mind it and keeps a positive out look in life. Though there are some angsty times when she does think about her life. When meeting new people in the outside world, she tries to not let it be known that she's artificial.

Background: Miku is considered the world's virtual diva. The most popular of the Vocaloids, She was the first installment in the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series voice synthesizing program created by Crypton Future Media. She began as a simple, yet complicated, program, with a design for her as a mascot and a voice sample from a voice actress, and the users would create the music, type the lyrics and adjust the pitch, and it would sing. Technically, she is a computer program/ robot, but it's safe to say that the fans have given her life, and she developed more and more into a virtual idol in the digital world, and even eventually an AI. Her breakout songs include "Ievan Polka", "Melt" and "Miku Shite Ageru", and most of her success can be contributed to her songs and videos on the video website "Nico Douga"
Eventually, so they'll be able to interact more with the real world,scientists were able to develop physical android bodies for the Vocaloids, where their personas and programming are loaded onto.
There are countless music videos of her and the other vocaloids of varied genres and story lines. For the alternate storyline songs, Miku, who is a very good actor, has performed many different roles, from princesses to warriors to insanity. They also occasionaly performs live concerts.
She lives with her Vocaloid 'family' Meiko, Kaito, Luka, Rin and Len, and responds to their 'masters' (users). She also has many 'cousins' who are from Vocaloid spin off programs like UTAU and SF, as well as fan made Vocaloids. During normal hours, Miku and the others have fun family moments, touching moments, and occasional hilarious antics (often caused by the twins)
As she's a robot and not human she doesn't exactly die if her body is damaged, more like repair and reset. However, if her mind and data is corrupted... There was one tragic time where she crashed and disappeared for a while. Her data was some how found again, and miraculously she regained her memories and 'heart', and eventually she returned to her old self.

Special Abilities or Weapons:being a digital girl, Miku can travel through computers, and has wide knowledge of them. Also, she has an amazing singing range that isn't humanly possible. She can fly freely, though that might just be in cyberspace or in her music videos.
Sect: civilian

Job: singer?


First Person: Hm? What's going on exactly?
Could this be some kind of new program? Yes, that must be it. But why hasn't Master said anything about it? Maybe it's a surprise? Hm, I wonder if the others are here too
[Starts exploring around, singing a bit to herself]

Third Person: Miku felt the music pounding in her head, flowing though her body, through her soul. It pulled at her hips and feet feet, and she danced across the air , her long, teal pigtails swinging out behind her. She opened her mouth and let her high, clear voice ring out in song. She felt so alive, she almost always did when she sang like this. As the last few notes of the song came out, she gently floated back down to the stage, the music's tempo slowing to a gentle halt.
"That's a wrap! All right Miku, you can come out now!"
"Ok, master!" She gave a wave and the night time city scape she was performing in faded back into data and binomial codes. Pleased that she was done with her latest PV, she stepped into the terminal and transferred out of the computer into her body in the real world.
"Great job, Miku! Another great song accomplished!" One of the scientists commented.
"Thanks! I will have to thank that new song writer." the digital diva replied, smiling and straightening out the glittery lavender dress she was wearing. In the other room, she could see her 'siblings' taking their break. The twins were playing a video game and occasionally arguing, Kaito had his face pressed up longingly against a frozen treats vending machine, and Meiko and Luka were discussing last night's episode of their favorite sitcom. Miku smiled, glad for these enjoyable normal moments. She walked into her dressing room and changed back into her usual attire. Her pudgy little doll like clone Hachune, who was sleeping in a basket nearby, woke up and scampered over, giving a 'Nya!' of greeting. Miku giggled and picked up her little friend. "Hi Hachune! Did you finish your video? I just finished mine." She pulled a leek out of the mini fridge and sat down and nibbled on her snack, enjoying its sweetly bitter flavor. Hachine was munching on hers as well, letting out high pitched little 'noms'. There was a knock at the door and one of the producers peeked in.
"Miku, we're all set for the next recording"
"Ok, I'll be there in a minute!" Miku replied, nodding with a smile. Days were often busy like this, but she didn't mind. After all, music is what she lived for.
Anything Else: Don't suppose her little pet doll/chibi clone Hachune can come along

melody 11

Well, that was a really interesting trip.
That garden was wonderful, and I made a very sweet little friend. It's a shame she couldn't come with me, but I suppose it's for the best. It was her home and I don't think Hachune liked her very much. I guess Hachune felt jealous or something.
Egypt was really neat, and I wish I couldv'e explored more, but all the heat made me feel sick, so I couldn't do much but lie in the shade. Next time I come I'll have to be prepared.

And now we are at this lovely resort and it's a very nice summer vacation, and I am enjoying it!
Are we going back to the school after this?

Hows My Driving?

This is this journals HMD post for Miku Hatsune!
How am I doing on roleplaying her? Put your comments here! Please no flames or anything too harsh!

May. 31st, 2010

Eh?! What's this?!
[looks over her new body, Noting that she is an older girl and slightly bigger chest ]
This feels really weird...
[Suddenly feeling a real heart beat, She realizes that this body is not a digital robotic one. Miku puts a hand to her chest, light melancholy across face]
A real human body...

melody 10

I've just had a great idea!
Would anyone be interested in joining a gardening club? You don't need any experience really, it's just to share the love of of green plant life, flowers, growing fruits and vegetables, and everything related!

May. 10th, 2010

Character: Miku, Gilbert
Time and Place: evening, in front of school
Rating: PG
Summary: Miku and Gilbert are going on a date!
Warnings: fluffiness

Miku was excited, and a little nervous, for that evening. She hadn't expected to go on another outing with Gilbert again, but she was glad for this. It would be nice.
That evening, she was waiting for him by the front of the school. She was wearing a light purple blouse, green cotton skirt, purple ankle strap sandals with fringes, a simple purple necklace, and her super aqua hair was down form its usual pigtailed style.
"I hope he comes soon..."

melody 08

Well, I'm glad the stuck together thing is over. It was kind of annoying, though Ryou Kun was rather nice.

Anyways, I know the clubs never really seem to work out, but I have a great idea!
How about if we had a club about musical performances? I think in America, they call it a Glee Club.
What do you guys think? I think it would be really fun!